Discoverly Launches Person API

As more and more people discover our chrome extension, we regularly get asked “does Discoverly have an API?” We, of course, have an internal API which our extension pings to provide social data context about contacts in Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook and more, but we have not made that API available to others. Today that’s changing!

How do I get API access?
Below you can buy a bundle of Discoverly API credits (1 credit = 1 API call). Within 24 hours of your purchase, your API account will be turned on and your API token emailed to you. Currently, we offer four bundles 25,000, 100,000, 500,000 and 1,000,000 credits.

How does the API work?
You can learn more about how our API works in our API documentation here. We ask that you limit your usage to 1 API call per second.

How can I play with API before buying?
We don’t have a demo API but you can sign up for the Discoverly chrome extension which hits the same API to test the data and success rate.

You can buy credits here:

Caveat: API pricing is likely to increase a bit in the future as it’s far below market.

Buy Credits Here

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