Introducing Discoverly for Chrome

Social media have given us the power to build and maintain relationships at a much larger scale than ever before. Most 18-29 year olds are part of 2 to 4 different social networks, accumulating hundreds of connections on each platform.

But the extent of our virtual networks has yet to show its potential. While we excel at sharing photos, infographics, and cat videos, we miss many opportunities to help each other through our virtual connections.

What if we could use social data more intelligently? What if we could use social data to make us more productive? What if, the same way our uncle helped us find an internship through a friend of his, a tool could aggregate data from our online social networks and let us know when there is an opportunity we shouldn’t miss? Those are the questions we asked ourselves at Discoverly, and today we are proud to launch the first online productivity tool using social data, a first step towards helping you being more productive.

So, what is the Discoverly Chrome Extension?

Facebook and LinkedIn are two sides of the same coin – the former provides meaningful relationships, while the latter focuses on work information. Combining work information and meaningful relationships could bring valuable insights to the users. However, because LinkedIn and Facebook don’t integrate very well, valuable potential of social data goes unrealized.

Still keeping the two worlds separate, Discoverly found a way to contextually layer the best of each network on the other. Installed in seconds, the Discoverly Chrome extension highlights mutual Facebook friends with a LinkedIn contact and shows LinkedIn work information related to a Facebook profile.

Facebook LinkedIn MashupFacebook LinkedIn Mashup

Your new ally to navigate the web

At Discoverly, we want to put your social data to work. Starting today, we hope you’ll use our Chrome extension as a way to gather cross-social data about your direct and indirect connections. There are many ways Discoverly can help you achieve your goals by quickly and seamlessly giving you the information you need, when you need it.

Looking for a job? Discoverly can help you find an inside track to the job of your dreams. You’re a sales person? The tool will immediately tell you if someone in your network could connect you to a lead and avoid a cold call. If you’re an entrepreneur trying to meet a VC, Discoverly will show you the most direct way to get the introduction.

A journalist finding new sources, a recruiter getting access to top talent… These are only a few of the various ways Discoverly can help people be more productive, and we can’t wait to see how it helps you. Get your hands on our Chrome extension and try it for yourself!

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