Discoverly Launches Person API

As more and more people discover our chrome extension, we regularly get asked "does Discoverly have an API?" We, of course, have an internal API which our extension pings to provide social data context about contacts in Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook and more, but we have not made that API available to others. Today that's changing! … Continue reading Discoverly Launches Person API

Discoverly V1 Person API Documentation

After getting consistent requests, we are very excited to be finally be able to deliver Dicoverly data via our Person API. You can buy your API credits and access token here. In general our Person API is pretty simple. It behaves like our chrome extension does in Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Below you can … Continue reading Discoverly V1 Person API Documentation


We love Twitter. It's the best place in the world to find and exchange real-time information. Because we love it so much, it broke our heart that it had no friends. As much as Twitter is phenomenal for sharing information, it has little insight about relationships. On Twitter you can easily find influencers and thought leaders but can't find the warm … Continue reading #TwitterHasNoFriends

How I hacked my social data to get press coverage and $750K in funding

<TLDR> Using a tedious technique, I took advantage of my social data to get funding and press coverage for my start-up. Now I've launched a product that makes it easier and faster for entrepreneurs to use their social data and do the same to grow their business.</TLDR> Most entrepreneurs have the "Aha! moment", when their product idea occurs to them and … Continue reading How I hacked my social data to get press coverage and $750K in funding